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Singer/songwriter/pianist Corey William has spent the past several years crafting and developing his repertoire of timeless songs. Ranging from ballads to rock songs, Corey’s music encompasses this generation’s demand for deeper and more versatile performing artists. During his time at American University, he formed a five set band that went on to place 2nd out of eighty thousand in Gorilla Productions National Battle of the Band Competition. While Corey has recently ventured into a more solo direction, the quality and depth of his music continues to captivate audiences everywhere. This energetic up and coming artist is one that no music enthusiast will want to miss.

This blog is dedicated to keeping track of Corey William's aspiring music career and daily life.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Los Mets Are 1-0: Pop The Champagne!

Another season of baseball and another half year of misery...oh wait, we won? 1-0? I smell PLAYOFFS. You might laugh since we're only one game into the season, but winning records are hard to come by in the Mets organization. Santana and the bullpen stepped up big time and delivered a shutout performance with Wright delivering the only RBI of the game to beat the Braves 1-0. The wall at CITI has moved in considerably and should allow for some homeruns to finally grace the stadium, which I truly believe is a huge reason the Mets have struggled the past few seasons (along with injuries, sloppy plays, and horrible owners). My advice for all the Mets fans out there--pop the champaign now cause depression is bound to set in any day now. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update: I Didn't Win The Lottery


The only thing that makes me feel better about not having a winning ticket is that hundreds of million other people are losers as well. I hope someone won tonight though because things would just get out of hand for the next drawing estimated at $975 million. I can't even comprehend becoming a near billionaire over night. You instantly transform from a poor, miserable fool, to one of the richest people on the planet. What does your day-to-day look like exactly? How do you muster up motivation to do anything productive?

The idea of a lottery is probably one of the most brilliant concepts ever conceived by humans. I have to hand it to the Han Dynasty for beating me to the punch over 2000 years ago. Fund huge government projects by creating a game that's almost impossible to win, reaps billions from citizens, and take half the winnings. Unbelievable. Do you realize how many people probably spent their month's paycheck on this mega millions? Can you count how many lives were ruined today since they were tricked into thinking their ticket would be the one needle in the haystack of 750 million? The chances of me winning were equal to a circus tiger running loose in the streets of NYC, coming into my work building, figuring out how to work the elevator, finding my cubicle on the entire floor, and then, in fluent English, telling me "They'rrreeee Greattt!'" before ripping my head off.

Still though, you don't want to be THAT guy who skipped out on the office pool and lost the chance to make it rain indefinitely.

PS-Even if you had that much money, NYC would find a way to make you poor all over again, I guarantee it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tebow Blues

Just what the team needs, more media attention and raging faith. The player I hated most last year is now one of us. I guess I'll have to learn to like him or else cry myself to sleep every night. At least he has a solid arm.


Balsamic Dressing Is Trying To Get Into My Pants

Can someone give balsamic dressing a heads up to stop ruining my work clothes? Is it that hard to avoid splashing on to me for once? I've tried everything from eating slowly to holding the tupperware like a horse feed bag. I even tried asking girls for balsamic strategies, but they just responded with "food is for fat people" and continued their juice diet. I might need to start wearing a bib or just undressing during lunch. What options do I have? B.D is just so persistent and can't take a hint. This relationship is on the fence until she learns to slow down.

Side comment: Everyone made a big deal last week when I wore a t-shirt on Casual Friday even though I had been wearing t-shirts all winter. "Taking Casual Friday pretty casually, eh Corey? hoohoohoo". Uh listen, unless the day is called "Casual Button Up Friday" then I'm gonna wear whatever I want if anything at all. Dress code is one of the most illogical concepts if you're not meeting anyone from outside the company, and makes the office so much more awkward and dehumanizing. If anything, I would be 10x more productive in jeans and a comfortable shirt since I wouldn't be wasting time pulling up my high socks or feeling like a nerd. Maybe it's time for a little Summer Wife-Beater Friday?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter to Summer

My iphone can't handle the weather right now, it just needs to take beautiful sunset pictures to calm down.

I realize this is my first blog in a thousand years, but I have been so busy juggling band practice, work, hockey, the gym, and #Linsanity every day that there hasn't been much down time.

I think I just needed a blogging break from last summer when I was writing about my dogs or how bored I was. Now that it's getting nice out, I'll be able to sit in my lawn chair, spy on people 18 stories below, and blog my heart out. The resurrection has begun.

Sports News


Sure it would have been short lived if Peyton became a Jet and a poor decision to spend the entire payroll on him, but you can't stop me from dreaming of a winning franchise. Oh well, looks like we're stuck with Sanchez for a couple more years with no backup QB to give him competition. And did I mention he got a raise?


The good news: Johan will be ready for opening day!

The bad news: Everything else


Kovy is finally living up to his $100 billion contract--or was it $100 trillion?

David Clarkson might look like a toothless version of Woody Harrelson from Kingpin, but he has been putting the bisket in the basket like you dream about. Sure other people are taking the pivotal shots, but it's Clarkson's defiance of physics that helps him deflect the puck in with the edge of his leg or anything other than the stick.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2nd Question Of The Day: Is Kyle Williams A Moron?

Short answer- yes. Long answer- yes yes. 

Why would you run near the ball if you're not going to pick it up and run with it? Then, in OT, with the rain pouring down, why would you run anywhere near the other players if you're not going to go down?

Who am I supposed to root for now as a Jets fan? I guess all I can hope for is a tie. 

PS- Now I have to deal with 1000 facebook statuses from fair weather Giants fans.   

Question Of The Day: Will Billy Cundiff Kill Himself Or Get Stabbed By A Baltimorean By The End Of The Night?

Stabbed. Definitely stabbed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recovering From Legendary Blogs Isn't Easy

It took weeks to motivate me to write another blog. I mean how the hell was I supposed to follow up to the last blog about SI swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen/my girlfriend? Everybody was coming up to me for weeks asking what it was like to brush shoulders with a female goddess that actually spoke to the commoner. She laughed at all my hilarious jokes, asked me where I lived, and pleaded to spend the night with me. That last part was communicated in a more subtle tone though through laughter and the mere acknowledgement of my existence.

However, lots has happened since Chrissy found her way into my life. For one, I found the best peanut butter that ever existed. 
crunch time peanut butter
Is it unhealthy that I can't wait to go to bed just so I can have my 2 fried eggs and Crunch Time peanut butter/banana sandwich breakfast ritual? Running out of Crunch Time is like running out of blood at a hospital or pad thai chicken at a thai restaurant. Ok, maybe not as bad as running out of Pad Thai, but definitely a disaster. 

I'm afraid though one day

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reasons Why Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Chrissy Teigen Should Be My Girlfriend

Chrissy Teigen
corey william and Chrissy Teigen
Just another day at the office hanging out with my SI swimsuit model girlfriend Chrissy Teigen. I feel if I somehow convinced her to be my girlfriend, all my friends would retaliate by excommunicating me for being such a high class player. This relationship needs to happen though, I mean look at how hot we are? We have power couple written all over us. We also compliment each other really well. She stars in video games, I play them. She models on beaches, I enjoy tanning. She's an American of Thai-Norwegian descent, and I have yellow-white fever. I'm on the 6th floor Chrissy, hit up my extension at x0628.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Guide To Affording New York City

new york empire state building sunrise
(my iPhone camera has got some serious game)

The first tip to affording New York is that you can't. You don't save money, you merely hemorrhage less of it per month. You will never find a meal for under $8, and will NEVER spend less than $60 when you decide to go out drinking. When you pat yourself on the back for cooking a home meal, you must have forgotten the 200% markup at every New York grocery store. So if I make more money, won't I then be able to afford anything I want? Wrong, because then you'll be living in a more expensive apartment and working out at Equinox which is $800 a day.

Even with half my paycheck going towards rent and the other half going towards food and alcohol, I can confidently say that I have no regrets at all. Everything I do now is cooler just because I live here. Drinking is cooler, sitting around is cooler, even walking around is cooler. For example, I just bought these Turtle Beach x12's gaming headphones yesterday at GameStop.
turtle beach x12
If I was in any other part of the country, I would be deemed a loser, geek, nerd. But now that I live in NYC? Complete stud. Trend setter. Gaming god. Just oozing sex appeal. New York is a distracting city and I need to have my noise cancelling headphones to immerse myself in a